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Class Speaker: Julie Ward

Posted by garymcuesta on April 26, 2011


FAIRFAX – In the world of sports journalism, the group left behind may be some of the best that have ever touched pen to paper.

It seems that this is often the case for groups who try to break the mold. The ones who make themselves noticed when others don’t want to pay attention.

This group is women.

Former sports editor for USA Today, Julie Ward, spoke to professor Steve Klein’s Sports Writing and Reporting class at George Mason University on Thursday. She spoke of the trails and tribulations that women have faced not only as sports journalist, but just as journalist. Beat writers, style sections and politics just to name a few.

“There was a meeting in the news room when I looked around and noticed I was the only women there”, said Ward.

Indeed, times may have changed since the 1970s, but not so much that the foot print of inequitably has worn away.

“Many women still face challenges.” said Ward.

Perhaps the most dis-concerning point Ward made was the dwindling numbers of female sports journalist. At one publication, out of a staff of sixty five writers, only 5 are women. At another, out of ten, there is 1.

Even with the disappoint of how women are treated in the sport’s journalism world, Ward offered hope to anyone who belongs to a group that often gets left behind.

“Don’t stop. Make it happen. Just because someone says it can’t be done doesn’t mean you should stop trying.”

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