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A Different Kind of Challenge

Posted by garymcuesta on March 2, 2011

"Jim Spellman"

Edmond, Okla. –  Shannon Miller has done it all. She is a seven time Olympic medalist, two of which are gold. She is the most declorated U.S gymnast in history. And now, she will take on what might be her biggest challenge.

Miller published a letter to her fans on her official website on Friday adressing her recent health concern.

“In mid-January I had surgery to remove a baseball-sized “germ cell malignancy” that my physician discovered during a routine exam,” said Miller, “Surgery was successful and I have recovered with little break in my normal routine.”

There are times when we forget that Olympians are not gods.

They are not invisable.

They are not robots.

They are people.

They are people with struggles and tribulations just like everyone else.

“While there is no sign of cancer and the tumor was completely removed, the suggested treatment for my specific issue is three cycles of preventative chemotherapy. This treatment provides the best chance to eliminate the need to deal with this issue again, and I have decided to begin chemotherapy March 7th.”

And sometimes, all you can be is grateful.

“This is certainly the greatest obstacle I have ever encountered. I am grateful for the love and support of my husband John, son Rocco, my family and friends, and the many of you who encourage me every day. I am up for the challenge and confident about the outcome.”

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